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Slaney Rally 2006

This year’s rally started on Sat.17th June with about 25 boats including an assortment of RIBS. The weather was wonderful, totally as ordered, at 11.00 hrs or there about the flotilla started out that is all except the Commodore’s boat which decided everyone on board required a shower supplied by a burst engine hose!  However this was quickly sorted and the rally set off to Killurin for lunch followed by the traditional strawberries and cream.

During the run up river Sylvester and his “sheepdogs” were instructing the junior members in the finer points of boat craft and handling as part of the Young Mariner competition.

After lunch the smaller craft went further up river to explore The Patches whilst our floating pontoon was being positioned at The Deeps  and Sylvester was setting up a slalom course as part of the boat handling exercise. The afternoon passed very enjoyably with some tasty  cheese and wine.

The evening was spent with a BBQ and finished with some very enjoyable music, during which a cake appeared for a birthday girl who earlier had also managed to get her bum wet whilst doing the splits and other gymnastics between two boats.  A first for the rally was music on Saturday evening  performed by The Doyle Family of Monageer.

Sunday was not such a good day weather wise with showers and a fresh wind, however whats a bit of rain to a sailor! We had a very enjoyable tour of our hosts’, Mr &Mrs Pearson’s, walled garden. After which the mandatory quiz was finished, it was amazing how many people had the same right or wrong answer! This was followed by a damp lunch and the journey back to the boat club.

When all the mountain of equipment that was required on each boat had been put away the prize giving took place. This year the overall winner of the Cecil Millar Perpetual Trophy was Sylvester O’ Brien, awarded for his tireless work in passing on his boat skills to the younger members and his on going commitment to helping with the Slaney Rallies. The Young Mariner Trophy going to Graham Corbett with the Cadet Trophy to Alice Mahon.

The rally was deemed to be a success with the amount of enjoyment that the participants had during the two days on our lovely River Slaney, unfortunately our president and his wife could not be with us this year, but he did send a text to wish us well,  we are now looking forward to next event.

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